Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly am I going to do in this class?

*There are three basic agendas for this class; learn, challenge and support.  In this class you will begin to understand the psychological and biological reasons for sugar addiction and emotional eating.  Not only will you learn about the common behavioral pitfalls for "mood munching", but you will dig into the inner depths of your personal core issues (sounds scarier than it is).  The challenge part is a little scary...but that's why it's followed with lots of support.  You will be challenged to do a 5-6 week detox.  Yes, you will be asked to go off of sugar!  The sugar detox is essential to overcoming your addiction/dependance on the sweet stuff.  During this sugar fast you will experience physical and emotional challenges, but it will allow you to gain insight and control.  This is where the support part is essential.  You won't be doing this alone.  Between the weekly group and daily text coaching, your chances of success will increase by 10 fold.

Is this a group or a class?

*The simple answer to this is yes.  Basically, the meetings will be part instruction and part group processing.  Yes, feelings will be shared, but mostly we will be discussing how we implemented tools of change during the week.

How many are in a class?

*About 8-12 people are in each class...and yes, you'll be making new friends.